Discussion on manufacturing and materials process selection

Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on manufacturing and materials process selection Paper must be at least 2500 words. Please, no plagiarized work! Fasteners, casting, machining, powder methods. CES is the best software used in the selection of these processes and the type of material used. Since different materials have various properties, CES can differentiate for each material and determine the process involved. This is done by drawing the graph.

King Swan is a successful and perfect multinational engineering firm that performs a variety of engineering works in different sectors. They are known for their production of high-quality products for their customers and also their suppliers providing them with the component.

As a contractor in king Swan Company my research work will have an impact on the global economy since the product or component selected is the best, this is only possible after taking the appropriate material and manufacturing selection process and carrying out the correct component design. As a consequence, it will create competition in the market, attracting more customers. The component that was studied was the prototype front end of an Aston Martin using genuine parts considering manufacturing specification. The component consists of many materials, and it considers many manufacturing processes in order to produce parts that are highly profitable.

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In order to carry out the best material and manufacturing selection, software known as CES (Cambridge engineering selector is used). It is provided with a database of a wide variety of materials and manufacturing processes. (P.K, 2010) It also gives extra details of the materials. categories of the materials. Any material can be selected from the database with their properties both physical and mechanical. From that, the best manufacturing process can be identified in order to come up with the best design possible. (Dixon & Poli, 1995)

The front end depends on who makes it and the manufacturer specifications. The component consists of many sub-assemblies including structural front head carrier, radiator, engine cooling fan system, and electrical wiring system.

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