Discussion on Lisp Programming Language.


Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Lisp Programming Language. It needs to be at least 2000 words. Lisp is one of the oldest programming languages among Fortran and Cobol and it has also been linked to Artificial Intelligence (AI) since its inception. Up recently, it has been used vastly in diverse fields like finance, education, data processing of any type and in the research arena as well. Original Lisp used bracketed expressions for meta and symbolic expressions. It was used to run on IBM 704, which enabled its assembly language to run its first operations. Lisp original compiler was produced by Tim Hart and Mike Levin. It established the notion of incremental compilation in functional programming. In 1970, LISP usage in commercial programming by AI extended to an extent that it produced the need to invent machinery, which could support unlimited functioning of it (Ivancevic, Vladimir, Tijana and Ivancevic,&nbsp.139). Limited memory, garbage collection, internal structures, and internal environment needs to generate the need for innovative machinery.

Initially, the aim behind inventing lisp was to use mathematical formalism as a computation method. Thus, recursion equations were used for reasoning and till date it has evolved into a family of languages. After four decades of survival, lisp has been used widely especially, in AI (artificial Intelligence) since its inception. It is the second oldest and most used programming language, which has seen a modification in dialects. It is considered as a flexible language of programming that supports object-oriented programs with swift prototyping quality. The most general and popular dialects of lisp are Scheme and Common lisp dialects.

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Common lisp enables a dominative macro system which facilitates the programmer to form and shape his applications with a flexible run-time environment. This advantage of lisp ensures adjustments and correction of running programs easy. Hence, it has been recommended as the most beneficial language for server-side progress and for software which needs to be run for long durations.

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