Discussion on improving the quality of education for the students both with and without disabilities.

Write 5 pages thesis on the topic supportive environments. Teachers can use peer support as an instructional approach and tool in order to improve the quality of education for the students both with and without disabilities.

Peer support can be used in different ways, three of which are discussed as follows. Teachers should try to align the personal goals of the students with the lesson goals so that students make genuine effort to draw the right conclusions from the lessons and use them for their academic and professional achievements. Three ways in which peer support can be used in the classroom include collaborative learning, cross-age peer support, and peer modelling, discussed as follows:

Collaborative learning is an instructional strategy that can be employed to reinforce the skills inculcated by a teacher. This method of teaching allows the students time to review the lessons, and practice the exercises as well as identifies opportunities that students can avail to improve their thinking skills.

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Cross-age peer support is a strategy of teaching which improves the tendency of students to learn in the general setting of education or the traditional classroom environment. This teaching approach particularly involves students learning at higher levels such as the high school students who provide the elementary and secondary school students with instructional support.

Another very effective strategy which teachers can use to improve the learning processes among students in the classroom is peer modelling. In this instructional strategy, a teacher can take assistance from the peers with instruction, making the directions clear for the students, and providing them with social reminders without any interruption in the lesson cycle.

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