Discussion on : Idea of Freedom and to be American in Bradford’s, Franklin’s, and Crevecoeur’s Writings.

Complete 5 pages APA formatted article: Idea of Freedom and to be American in Bradford’s, Franklin’s, and Crevecoeur’s Writings. Bradford had narrated the happenings upon the immigration of the Puritans into the Plymouth Plantation through this writing. Bradford, along with the Pilgrims, left England to experience religious freedom in America. It was the freedom of religion that brought the Pilgrims to Plymouth Plantation, and William Bradford was one of the Pilgrims, who boarded the Mayflower to experience that freedom. He left his country and led a European Settlement in America, for it was the only place, back then, where his religious freedom will not be deprived. Despite the imminent risks, Bradford, together with other Pilgrims, fled to America with no assurance of safety, only to experience religious freedom, a freedom that they ought to gain under the rules of the Mayflower Compact. As stated in his manuscript, “one small candle may light a thousand, so the light here kindled shall shine unto many” (Bradford).

In the “The Autobiography” of Benjamin Franklin, a different type of freedom was emphasized, which supports the individual freedom of business and the economy in America. Franklin was dubbed as the first authentic American for he was firm in his stand to uphold colonial unity. His establishment of the Junto intended to demonstrate how the improvement of the American society can be achieved through business and economic freedom.

In the above passage, he refers to the benefits of education that libraries have provided the citizens of the country. He has further added that libraries have somehow contributed to the response of the citizens in various colonies, especially in defending their privileges (Franklin). Tradesmen and farmers need access to these libraries for them to make appropriate decisions for their business. By that time, they make their own business successful and eventually contribute to the growth of the economy. This gives the liberty to help America progress and become an authentic American.

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