Discussion on how sound technologies and musical and listening practices co-evolve.

Create a 5 pages page paper that discusses how sound technologies and musical and listening practices co-evolve. Music was never so easily available and impactful as it is today, and that is only because of how easy technology has made it to reach music everywhere and anywhere.

Music is the best form of expression and ever since the historical ages, humans have been inspired and refreshed by the rhythms, beats, and hums. However, in traditional societies, reaching music wasn’t as easy as it is today. Cassettes, CDs, tapes, and records were expensive. People had to buy them to listen to their favourite music and often they would listen to a single tape for a whole month or more. People also visited public places and bought expensive concert tickets to take the joy of listening to their favourite musicians (Turino 178). This trend has been changed due to the tools that we have now.

Today, technology has changed everything, even the way we listen to music. There are several ways in which music can be downloaded, listened to, and enjoyed anywhere. Technology introduced several gadgets, machines, and mediums through which media reaches to us. From being an expensive thing, music has now become the most inexpensive thing ever (Turino 178). Songs and all kinds of music videos can be downloaded on our computers, laptops, and mobiles absolutely free. We can reach all kinds and types of music in the flash of a second and even carry it anywhere we want in our phones or portable players.

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One of the most influential technology advancements that changed the meaning of personal music is headphones. Headphones are a modern phenomenon that has evolved the meaning and interpretation of private music. Music is vastly listened to on headphones that almost every individual with a phone possesses. Young people and adults listen to music on their headphones while travelling, waiting, working, or before sleeping. In fact, many researchers believe the trends of private music have made people more energetic, happy, confident, and productive.

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