Discussion on hospital reports high rate of black women seeking treatment f or advanced breast cancer.

Need an research paper ond.c. hospital reports high rate of black women seeking treatment f or advanced breast cancer. Needs to be 1 page. Please no plagiarism. D.C. Hospital Reports High Rate of Black Women Seeking Treatment for Advanced Breast Cancer a. In modern scenario, people are becoming more advanced and knowledgeable regarding technological aspects. Though few people are promoting the several mixed information regarding the mammograms, but there are a large number of reliable sources, which can promote the positive as well as accurate information relating to mammography. As per the study, it can be noted that black American and African women are going for the treatment of breast cancer at a last stage owing to the fear of mammography and lack of health education. In this respect, black women are at the risk of health criticality in terms of cancer treatment for the lack of screening in the primary stages (Sun, 2014).

b. As a member of the community of promoting awareness against breast cancer, I would prepare certain questions in relation to mammograms. It is very effective for every woman who is having misconceptions relating to mammography (Sun, 2014). The questions to be framed are provided hereunder.

Have you opted for screening in breast cancer?

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What is the importance of advanced breast cancer screening?

Are you aware of diagnostic or tests conducted for diagnosing breast cancer i.e. mammogram?

What are your treatment options?

c. Contextually, as a prime responsible person of health promotional program, I will prepare three stage of health prevention camp. Initially, I will suggest all the black American and African women to opt for physical screening, which includes full body examination. After that in the second stage, I will suggest for doing a clinical breast examination with mammography treatment. Finally, I will suggest doing an overall medical screening, if the person is having symptoms of breast cancer (Sun, 2014).

d. It can be stated that African-American women belongs to Ward 5 are having lower knowledge regarding the treatment process of breast cancer through mammogram. In this regard, In order to enhance health precautionary promotion, the women are to be provided with appropriate health education program, so that they have knowledge about the importance screening and treatment in the early stage of cancer. In addition, acute measures should be adopted for making them knowledgeable about the treatments to be offered (Sun, 2014).


Sun, L.H. (2014). D.C. hospital reports high rate of black women seeking treatment for advanced breast cancer. The Washington Post, 1-3.

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