Discussion on health and safety at work course work.

Create a 5 pages page paper that discusses health and safety at work course work. Thus Planning-I consists of five separate entities that are deeply interlinked. VISION OF PLANNING 1:- Keeping house in efficient and productive order, set timelines for every project, pursue relentlessly, while onus of every project is with a specific person. To be a success story, Planning – I Wing will work on the motto of ‘Reach out to all, net and tune well domestically within ERRA and beyond in the sister Organizations, Institutions and Ministries for the collective well being of the Earthquake (EQ) affected people and good reputation of ERRA’. Achievements have no limits, efforts have no bounds. Field is vast open. Let everyone see and judge, who runs the fastest and for how long. CHANNELS FOR COMMUNICATION: – The channels that are used in the wing are mainly the documentation accompanied by the verbal communication. The following are the modes of communications. 1) DOCUMENTATION AND APPROVALS: – Any new project to be implemented or any alteration or advancements in the projects conducted by the ERRA are documented properly. And the approvals for all the activities are approved by bottom approach. 2) STAFF AND EMPLOYEE MEETINGS: – All the staff meetings and employee meetings are being conducted in a regular manner depending upon the sensitivity of the projects. These meetings are conducted in the same departments or rather with collaborative department of choice as per the requirements. 3) INTERNET AND EMAIL NOTIFICATION:- Most of the notifications are given to the department via email notifications and phone calls directly. So there is a strictness to check the emails notifications daily so that every person must be updated with the current situation regularly. 4) FAX: – If there is a meeting or any negotiations or problems that need the communication with other department, then there is a three way communication procedure that includes fax along with telephone and email notification. 5) VERBAL: – Also there is a way communication by the direct boss to the employee verbally if he or she has to notify something or there is any important issue that needs discussion. HASAWA IMPLEMENTATION:- Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974 promotes the safety and health at workplace and it is very effective in promoting the good health. It involves the duties imposed on employers, employees, contractors, suppliers of goods and substances for use at work, persons that are in control of work premises, and those who has a charge to manage and maintain them, and persons in general. So the duties of the HASAWA are applied on all of the employees and all other important persons that can contribute even a pinch towards promoting good health or violating health regulations. BEST CHANNEL TO PROMOTE HASAWA IN THE DEPARTMENT:- The best way to aware people and to implement HASAWA is through telecommunication and workshops. The reason for this channel is due to the reason that in Pakistan, there is shortage of electricity and there is much obvious that the electricity is not a reliable source for notification for any activity or information. So emails could be unreliable in this case which could be a big problem. And also the telecommunication is not much expensive in Pakistan and here there is lot of networks giving many cost effective packages.


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