Discussion on feminist’s theory that aims to create an understanding of sexuality, power relations and gender inequality.

Write a 5 pages paper on feminism as an act of advocating the rights of women. Feminists have also strived to ensure that they get to promote integrity and bodily autonomy thus protecting girls and women from domestic violence, sexual harassment and rape. The feminists’ campaigns have been generally considered to result in greater historical changes.

There has emerged a feminist’s theory that aims to create an understanding of sexuality, power relations and gender inequality. It also focuses on the promotion of interests and the rights of women. There are various themes that are studied when it comes to feminism. these include sexual objectification, discrimination, stereotyping, patriarchy and oppression of women. According to Elaine Showalter, feminist’s theory has been established in three phases. The first phase is called the feminist’s critique, the second phase is called the gynocriticism and the third phase is called gender theory. Many movements and ideologies have emerged over the years concerning feminism. Marxists feminism argues that the main cause of the oppression of women is capitalism. Capitalism is a system, either economic or political in which trade and industry in a country are controlled by private owners to benefit themselves instead of the country at large.

Gender stereotypes are also used in viewing feminism. Women are always considered to be weak. This is because men are the people that always tend to do all the duties that are tiring. Men are the people who head families and that means that women are always under the influence of men. I also believe that jobs done by women cannot be compared to those that are done by men since men always come up with better work than women. I also consider females not smart when it comes to education since in most cases males top especially in the subjects that are hard. Girls are also not good in sports than boys. These are some of the assumptions that make me believe that men are always better than women.

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