Discussion on existence and abuse of unequal power as a factor of violence by men against women.

Write 20 pages thesis on the topic existence and abuse of unequal power as a factor of violence by men against women. Women in present-day society are bestowed with similar opportunities and respect as compared to men. Their role is not limited only to taking care of the household works and children, rather it has increased to professional roles and responsibilities as well.&nbsp.Women are provided with equal opportunities as compared to men in terms of using their skills and abilities to reach new heights in numerous professions. However, there are certain perceptions and prevailing misconceptions that give rise to questions relevant to the changing role of women in contemporary society. This can apparently be depicted by the aspect that on one hand, women are provided with equal opportunities as men, and on the other hand, the same has been treated awfully within the society. This aspect can further be justified from the fact that women are the continuous victims of violence and unjust behavior from the end of men. As per the global data (explained in detail in the later part) about the increasing number of incidents relevant to women violence by men, the numbers are increasing with every passing year. This aspect also shows that equal rights and the social positioning of women are still quite uncertain in society. It has been learned that violence against women by men can be of several categories which include rape, domestic violence as well as sexual harassment among others. This sort of violence that is depicted by men against women is due to the adherence to some cultural and traditional customs, which can be in the form of honor killings, dowry violence as well as female genital mutilation among others.

Furthermore, violence against women also includes women trafficking and forced prostitution, which is prevalent in various nations of the world. Though there prevail are numerous policies for protecting women against any sort of social injustice and inequality, the practical aspect of the same in an extensive manner is yet to be determined. This particular aspect of violence against women in contemporary society by men has its roots embedded in the history of&nbsp.mankind.

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