Discussion on effects of competitiveness on the uk construction industry.

Compose a 1500 words assignment on effects of competitiveness on the uk construction industry. Needs to be plagiarism free! The measures of competitiveness in an organization entail observing the firm profitability, export quotient, regional, and global market. The success of an organization in a given nation highlights the important factors that the organization controls when compared to other organizations (Jones & Saad 2003). &nbsp.The UK construction industry enjoys various competitive factors that enable it to succeed in the current market. Some of the competitive factors within the industry include good leadership strategies, strategic advantage, market advantage, good marketing strategies. furthermore, they have knowledgeable personnel, production advantage, modern technology, finance advantage, good administration, and risk management advantage (Morton 2007).

The U.K construction industry has more than 300, 000 firms, which employs over 2 million individuals to perform several roles (Morton 2007). The construction industry typifies the material and products used in construction, suppliers and the producers of the construction material, building services offered by contractors, providers, and installers of the services, constructors, sub-constructors, professional advisors, construction clients, and the different organizations that specialize in design and building (Morton 2007). The sector accounts for 5 percent of the UK Gross Value Added, which is similar to the values that France, Germany, and the U.S contribute towards their economy (David & Male 2001). The construction industry in the UK specializes in residential and non-residential buildings as well as infrastructure. The industry has an advantage because the designers, civil engineers, contractors, and product manufacturers are globally reputable because they devise high-tech solutions to varied projects within the construction industry. The industry has been undergoing tremendous growth in the infrastructure and commercial construction sector (Cobbold & Lawrie 2001).

The UK construction industry competes in an aggressive global market. The industry has a high production level and its goods and services are of high quality.

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