Discussion on Development Planning and Transport Assessment.

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Development Planning and Transport Assessment. It needs to be at least 2500 words. The transport conditions in the Edinburgh area really need development. Four passenger railway lines pass through the area. Some local roads supplement the railway lines. This local transport network has been focused on radial routes to the Edinburgh area. The north links are relatively poor. The western side faces many transport issues, which are transformed into the entire region. Besides, it has been considered difficult to construct new roads for private car usage. This also comes with ever-increasing road users.

The Edinburgh area is a site whose dimensions are characterized by eleven thousand four hundred (11,400) square meters of vacant brownfield land shown in the picture below. Its boundaries are Fountain Bridge on the north, Edinburgh Quay on the east, the Union Canal on the south, and a vacant brownfield site on the west. Pedestrian and vehicular access is from Fountain Bridge and from the recently formed access road to Edinburgh Quay, which is on the east side of the site. The site was previously part of the old Fountain Brewery. The information on the site is provided to us to help us carry the coursework effectively.

The Local Development Plan (LDP) will replace the two local plans after it is fully adopted. The first proposed plan took place approved in March 2013. The site development will provide unique opportunities for area regeneration. New connections will be generated by providing better linkage to the area’s surroundings. Having a long industrial history, the development of transport will enhance its productivity. The key developments will include offices, residential, hotels for tourism enhancement, leisure and recreation centers, food retails, and commercial/retail units. Figure 2 below shows some of the major development structures related to tourism development.

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Edinburgh’s contribution to meeting the overall strategic housing land requirement is estimated at 26,900 houses within the period between 2009 and 2024. This means that about 1793 additional homes should be built each year and 8,965 homes over five years. Scottish Planning Policy indicates that LDPs should ensure there is enough housing land to provide a minimum five-year effective supply at all times. Edinburgh’s supply of housing land will be monitored through the annual housing audit and will comprise LDP housing proposals, sites already under construction, and sites with planning permission.

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