Discussion on Cyber Bullying.

Need help with my writing homework on Cyber Bullying. Write a 1500 word paper answering; According to Gaines and Miller (2011), aside from the fact that this case implicated an adult harassing a minor, this incident is cyber bullying because Drew was criminally tried in federal court. Drew was charged with breaching the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (CFAA) because she took advantage of MySpace to form a fabricated profile with the intention of bullying another member of the social networking site.

Although Drew was the adult offender involved in one of the severest cases of cyberbullying, the reality that criminal law does not particularly forbid cyberbullying does not give the good reason for expanding the CFAA or endorsing new statutes that classify cyberbullying as a new criminal act (Meredith, 2010). Nevertheless, the federal policy that fights to cyberbully through educational programs would have a favorable outcome. Taking into consideration the favorable and unfavorable impacts of the attempts to fight to cyberbully to date, this paper argues that deterrence through education will be the strongest approach. As argued by Kowalski and colleagues, because educational attempts do not involve the potentially unfavorable outcomes of enforcing criminal anti-cyberbullying laws, enhanced Internet protection educational programs deal with cyberbullying constructively, by equipping teachers with the important instruments to educate parents and students how to utilize new technologies sensibly and securely.

The common naïve and innocent character of minors, when merged with the Internet’s setting, builds a perfect venue for bullying, particularly because parents can be uninformed of their children’s actions and attitude and the risks involved. In explaining the actual impacts of these risks, the Staten Island chief of the computer and technology investigations division and district lawyer, stated, “[u]nfortunately, many people have trouble living by [the Golden] rule, and when being unkind is taken to the&nbsp.Internet, police and prosecutors are often called on to step in. Welcome to the world of cyberbullying”.

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