Discussion on Cultural Artifact Analysis. T

Write 5 pages with APA style on Cultural Artifact Analysis. The basic idea was to aid in wireless communication between two or more people, even if they are present in two different continents of the world.

When this technology was introduced, it was meant to be used by mature adults and it was particularly used by those people who were pursuing their jobs. However, with changing times the use and ownership of cell phones changed dramatically.

Although, cellular phone technology was invented to aid in communication the modern use of cell phones has changed dramatically. Carrying a cell phone today is more than just making and receiving calls. An individual’s cell phone has become his own mini-computer which manages his schedules, photos, social life, business directories and much more. Apart from having all the functional utilities, cellular phones are known to have the exclusive capability of being highly personalized. They have provided the consumers with a means of self-expression, which no other gadget has yet replaced. Not only that, but it has also revolutionized and altered the way people interact and communicate with each other. The rate at which this technology was embraced is astounding and the impact that it has left on our generation is of unfathomable profundity. Due to this very reason, I have chosen cell phones as a cultural artefact for this paper.

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The idea of the cellular phone had originated in the 1900s when an inventor named Reginald Fessenden made a remarkable accomplishment when he succeeded in making the first-ever wireless telephone call. He was the first man to transmit human voice through radio waves. Later in 1947, William Rae Young, who worked under an engineer named D.H.Ring who was an employee at Bell Laboratories, proposed the idea of establishing radio towers in a hexagonal pattern to support telephone network. The concept of a cellular phone had originated from a mobile car phone.

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