I will pay for the following article Colgate Max Fresh: Global Brand Roll Out. The work is to be 5 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. Protection against tooth cavity and reduction of plaque buildup in the teeth is two of the main demands from the American consumers of the products.

With such information about the market, the company positioned Colgate Max Fresh as an ideal product that promises both qualities besides a number of other cosmetic benefits. The company managed to balance between therapeutic and cosmetic benefits thereby managing to position the product favorably thus enabling to attract a large target market. More importantly, the company priced the product competitively. Price, an element of the marketing mix, influences the purchasing behavior of the consumer. Colgate Max Fresh had an appropriate appeal. The management priced the product competitively thereby making it attractive. Before, during and after the launch of the product in the United States, the marketing team carried out extensive promotion of the product. The team used a variety of media including the broadcast, print, website and social media among many others. The extensive promotion helped create adequate awareness of the new product thereby enhancing its competitiveness.

In retrospect, the marketing team in the United States carried out adequate research on both the product and the target market thereby creating a profitable launch plan that would help increase the product’s market share in the country. The marketing team considered such vital features as the product itself thereby developing an attractive packaging that would help attract more consumers. Additionally, the team considered such other features as price, promotion, and place. Such resulted in an increase in the product’s market share.

The toothpaste market in China is different from that in the United States a feature that influenced a number of changes the company’s marketing team carried out on the launch of Colgate Max Fresh in China.&nbsp.

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