Discussion on Bowen High School Student.

Complete 5 pages APA formatted article: Bowen High School Student. The other records such as staff and financial details are not handled and modeled into the system. The very idea to create an integrated system would involve fetching the large scale behavior of all the entities of the system. The reason is that due to lack of integration, not all entities are participating in the system and thus prevail in the inconsistency.

The various procedures are being performed in the student record management system relate to the various functions as a record of student data, student attendance, student fees, and several factors for determining the objective of running the system.

i. Student records – It is stored for collecting the records of various students who take admission. Their detailed data is stored in the system. It is stored and taken care of by the admission personnel.

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The records with respect to students’ detail and student attendance are maintained in a simple text-based system with no functionality towards the unique storage of data, consistency of data, integrity rules, and association among various records. The processes that are carried out entails the various forms of compliances required by the school and highlight the need for a revamped system for data storage and detail.

iii. Processes: The various processes would highlight for determination of the student’s present status in an organization and derive the very detail for their recording the personal and academic details. The various fees related detail would help the school to track down the numbers for non-payment of their fees and issue notifications accordingly.

iv. Performance: Currently the system has a very poor response system and lacks all performance requirements. The performance of the system would improve as the proposed system would be highly updated with no redundancies, retrieval of consistent&nbsp.information, and make sure to fetch the right detail of the system at all times. The prime aspect is concurrency control to enable every department to access the consistent system for its purpose without a clash of objectives.

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