Discussion on Applying Decision Making Framework to IT-Related Ethical Issues.

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Applying Decision Making Framework to IT-Related Ethical Issues. It needs to be at least 1500 words. Rather than have a risky scenario in which a plan as sensitive as this would be privy to all and sundry, it was better to keep the lid as tight as possible in order to reduce the possibilities of exposure and, as a result, very negative consequences. This alternative was just as effective, but with less baggage and strings involved. The initial proposal would be haphazard and poorly managed because of the number of people involved, but the alternative would put the chief security officer directly in charge of the whole plan. This gave him/her the power to use everything within his/her ability to implement the plan but in a more responsible manner.

Implementing decision

The chief security officer was given an office, an appropriate budgetary allocation and support from top management, and then given the green light to implement the plan. Implementation involved 2 phases: pilot and actual implementation. The pilot phase took 2 months, and the actual implementation required 1 month. This means that a minimum of 90 days was required to successfully implement the plan. Piloting took longer because it was the most important part of the implementation process. get things right at this stage and the whole imitative was likely to be a success.

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Evaluating results

As the overall leader of the project, the author was required to work with the chief security officer to evaluate the results and come up with logical conclusions from which realistic inferences could be drawn. Evaluation and analysis involved the use of appropriate software like SPSS ad Microsoft Excel, among others. Results would be organized, analyzed and then presented in the appropriate format. The evaluation took 18 days, and the presentation was done in a day. The board then met a week later and reviewed the results to come up with the right assessments.

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