Need help with my writing homework on An analysis of obesity. Write a 2500 word paper answering; Obesity results from an increase in the intake of calories than the individual can burn off by engaging in physical activity. In the modern day, lifestyles promote the consumption of food with calories more so the ones that have excessive fats as well as sugar (Egger & Swinburn, 2010, 110). For instance, the working population loves eating take away foods mainly, fries, hamburger and milkshake. The fast food average a total of about 1,500 calories in a single meal yet an average person requires 2,000 to 2,500 calories to maintain a normal weight (Lustig, 2011, p.54). Biologically, the body of an individual who consumes products with excess calories tends to store the excess energy as fat.

Lack of Physical Activity

The situation worsens because most of the individuals spend a lot of time sitting on sofas or at desks in the work place. Rarely do people with excess body fats walk or engage in cycling to exercise the body because of the overreliance on cars. Obese people always have the desire to relax the body (Freedman, 2009, p.7). It is a lot more likely to find obese individuals watching television or browsing on the internet than going to the gym. Obese children are no exception as many are the cases where parents drive and pick up such children to school (Bouchard, 2000, p. 331). The children have negative attitude towards engaging in tiring exercises and would rather play computer games.

Poor Diets

Many families have poor diets comprising of either beer, which has a lot of calories or sugary drinks as part the meal.

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