Discussion on american tv audience attraction to faux celebrity tv

I need some assistance with these assignment. american tv audience attraction to faux celebrity tv Thank you in advance for the help! I used to complement this leisure time activity with a few television programs that I did not enjoy that much. As the winter came to an end, I was traveling to California to meet an old friend. The journey was long and boredom overtook me. Considering that it was hard to sleep and I did not have any storybook to take me through the journey I decided to talk to a friend next to me on the train. Fortunately, he was also willing to let me know him. We began by knowing each other names and created some jokes on what we knew about California. I began to talk about how the winter period was boring in Ohio. I told John that I did not find something that would make my time interesting.

I explained to John that I was a lover of violent video games but I was controlling myself because of its impacts on a person’s personality. I wanted to know what he did to keep him occupied during winter. He said that at first, it was also boring for him. Then how did it change? John retorted that he went to visit a friend who introduced him to a certain television program that he ended up enjoying and could not abandon it for something else. This was interesting because he had told me earlier that he used to hate television until he met his new friend. He retorted that the TV program that made him enjoy the remaining time of winter in Ohio was entitled “Real Housewives”.

On reaching California, I was motivated to find out want this program entitled. I began by searching on the internet for information about it. I was fascinated that this program was viewed in different parts of the world giving it numerous audiences. I decided to compare it with similar genres to see whether they attracted a similar huge audience or this program was unique on its own. Being a reality television genre, I searched for other two genres which included “Desperate Housewives” and “Real Husbands of Hollywood”. These similar genres had received higher viewership not only in America but in other parts of the world like the United Kingdom. I further searched different websites and learned that reality TV entertainment was now popular and dominated television viewership. The fact the celebrity in this genre were faux did not kill the number of viewership.

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