Discussion: Chi-Square Test

Discussion: Chi-Square Test Discussion: Chi-Square Test Version:1. Look at the following chi-square output, and answer the questions below it. Chi-Square Test Frequencies Preference   Observed   N Expected   N Residual   Nuts   & Grits 9 20.0 -11.0   Bacon   Surprise 27 20.0 7.0   Dimples 16 20.0 -4.0   Froggy 17 20.0 -3.0   Chocolate   Delight 31 20.0 11.0   Total 100 Test Statistics   Preference   Chi-Square 15.800a   df 4   Asymp.   Sig. .003 a 0 cells (0.0%) have expected frequencies less than 5. The minimum expected cell frequency is 20.0. Answer the following questions about this chi-square output: 1.

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