Discussion 7

Part one: Identify different historical definitions of, and causal explanations for, drug abusePart two: Apply social learning theory to the “causes” of drug abusePart three: Analyze the interactional contexts and personal experiences associated with “soft” and “hard” drug abuseRelevance: the ideas expressed indicate that the student has read and comprehended the assigned material.Clarity, coherence: the ideas are stated clearly and coherently.Critical thinking: there is evidence that the student has adequately analyzed, synthesized, and evaluated the assigned material.Poses a question for discussion: the posting articulates a question for discussion that pertains to the assigned material.Spelling, grammar: the posting must meet university-level standards of spelling and grammar.Length: each submission must be no less than 250 words in length; there is no maximum length.The word count must be listed at the end of each post.

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