Discuss the world of business.

Create a 1 page page paper that discusses the world of business. We worked very hard. from designing flyers and posters to creating the hype to bringing in the crowds. We won.

That little exercise taught me the rudiments of marketing and communication. I got more and more fascinated with further developing these skills and employing them in pursuing something I KNOW I was born for!

I got my taste of leadership during my time as Secretary of Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society at my community college. Interaction with students from across the globe narrowed my choice further down to International Business, a coming together of cultures and practices for mutual benefit. I would love to share my culture and heritage with others at the same time learning from them.

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I believe we can take business out of geographical confines, a point that has been proved time and again, hence my application for admission at UIUC. I believe that it’ll help me kick-start my career and equip me with all the necessary tools I need to excel.

Now when I look back, I finally understand what years ago my mom told me about business: it is not just about money and trade. It includes the art of communication, diligence, creativity, comprehensive understanding, social networking and generously repaying society.&nbsp.And what better place to start than UIUC.

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