Discuss the ways how human resource management controls social networking.

Compose a 2000 words assignment on the ways how human resource management controls social networking. Needs to be plagiarism free! Social networking is a useful tool, which can be used by companies as a way of communication between supervisors and subordinates. Moreover, social networking can form alliances and workers can help each other in their work by sharing information among them.

Due to the traditional hierarchy, the flow of information among different departments and level of managements were difficult and time-consuming and resulted to be the cause of delayed work and decisions. Social networking websites proved to be proficient in this regard as it quickly delivers the message between managers and the employees and the managers can make decisions instantly, without wastage of time. According to Swartz, a corporate social network make the duration of time shorter because these social webs convey the message in the minimum time possible. Social networking indirectly decreases the completion time of work because it decreases the time that traditional ways take to make contact between the managers and the employees (Baker et al. 2011).

Along with the benefits of quick communication, social networking websites provide the opportunity to share the information needed between two employees, companies and subordinates. Organizations find new businesses, joint ventures, and alliances through social networks and it allows companies to look for attractive marketing strategies and techniques.

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Damien Cummings, who is the online and social media director of Dell, says that Dell in involving social networking in everything that its employees do because it the best way to contact with the employees and get their regular feedback regarding the company’s policies and it is the source of getting innovative ideas, which can be implemented in the future (Selvaretnam 2011).

The things that make social networking beneficial also do the damage, so it is a matter of concern for the HRM and senior executives when the employees socialize during working hours.

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