Discuss the role of playing for children.

Write 8 pages thesis on the topic the role of playing for children. There were 15 guys and we all had to have one game plan rather than each of us wanting different things. Although we were young and didn’t want to follow orders from one person we knew that it was the right thing to do.

We had a leader and knew that respecting him was important to our success as a group. If we each chose our own path and didn’t listen to our coach we would fail and therefore let down a group of 14 guys who all listened to the coach. We didn’t always agree with our coach or think he was making the best decisions but we had to trust that he knew what he was doing and making the best decisions for our team. There was no room for joking around when we were practicing and this taught us to be mature and serious when we had goals to accomplish.

We also believed in each other and our potential if we practiced hard and went over plays until they seemed to run as smoothly as possible. We put in extra time after dark to make sure that when we played in the big game Friday night we wouldn’t mess up that play. Down the road, in a work environment, there will be a boss who wants you to be a team player and be willing to put in the extra time, just like that football team.

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Just from playing football in high school there was a value instilled in me to play a team and know who leads and to respect that person. You cannot always take charge and run everything but in time if you do a good job in your position you have the opportunity to move up into higher positions. I fully believe that having kids in sports will help them to succeed later in life.

Prompt 2: There is obviously debate on whether children receive better care if their parents work during the day or not and how this attention or lack of attention changes the child. A child may react in different ways to getting more attention and may get to be more involved with their parents staying at home with them.&nbsp.&nbsp.

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