Discuss the new media and its effect on education.

Create a 10 pages page paper that discusses the new media and its effect on education. The impact of technology in education comes with both positive and negative influences on the capacity of the learners to gain knowledge and educators imparting knowledge covering the entire education system. The new media allows students and pupils an opportunity to venture into various interests on the global spheres apart from discussing the same with people from diverse backgrounds.

In the process, this impacts hugely on the use of information, self-learning, as well as resources because of availability that was not there until the early eighties. After more than thirty years of innovations in technology adjustments to distance learning, the new media currently offers new possibilities of teaching, virtual, and learning outcomes. E-learning is undergoing modifications because of massive open online courses taking place on the web in addition to changing the traditional frameworks for both basic and higher education. Massive open online courses are available all over the world cutting across Europe, United States, Asia, and Africa among other regions. The initiative continues to attract thousands of enrollments across the globe. This in itself, offers a new and wide audience for learning institutions in the world (English, 1999).

Distance learning and technology remain allies and provide learners with an opportunity to pursue, diploma, certificate, and even degrees without literally attending classes. Universities and institutions of higher learning started reaching their clients who could not physically attend to their lecturers through mail long before many primary and secondary schools in most countries started applying broadcast mass media in their lessons. The arrival of collaborative Web 2.0 materials and the advances in digital gadgets, delivered a new world for e-learning bringing fresh possibilities in the process of content production and sharing knowledge. Among many others Wikipedia, social media, blogs, and other websites&nbsp.offered a chance of learners to write, edit, post, and publish academic information on the internet.&nbsp.

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