Discuss the implications of different Cloud Models

1. Please, discuss the implications of different Cloud Models (FaaS, SaaS, IaaS and PaaS) their specific business benefits and implications . Be very specific and link to existing technologies. If you know of cases or situations that you have worked on or observed, it is a plus to the assignment.

Prepare a presentation to share with the rest of your class.

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2. Please, discuss about the following topics:

The benefits of having a RFI and a RFP in the procurement process.

Compare buy versus build a system.

What is system analysis? What role the business analyst plays in acquiring an information system?

Who should be involved in the system procurement process?

What is the BABOK? Why it is important?

What elements should be considered for support and maintenance of an information system?

How to select people to be in IT procurement?

How to integrate IT procurement with the IT technical? Is that possible?


Please, make a valuable and critical contribution to at least two of your colleagues. In all cases, try to present examples brought and applied from your professional and work experience.

ALL STUDENTS need to have an initial posting with ALL QUESTIONS ANSWERED.

Each student can reply to other 2 people (replying to all questions, or some questions, or one question).

Ensure to ADD VALUE WITH YOUR REPLY. Replies like “good job”, “great comment”, “I like your contribution a lot” DO NOT ADD VALUE and will not be considered (that is, will have a grade of zero).

Forums will be graded based on the quality of the text, the contribution of ideas, comments, insights, points-of-view, considerations, potential problems. You can also agree or disagree with other people’s comments, as well as adding additional points that the person did not consider.

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