Discuss the hamlet.

Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on the hamlet. Imaginative thinking is very important to literature. Of course, the film medium is a form of literature, so, imagination also comes in handy. When William Shakespeare wrote “Hamlet”, it is very certain that he put a whole lot of imaginative thought into it (Shakespeare & Constance). In both versions of Hamlet’s adaptation—Franco Zeffirellis 1990 film starring Mel Gibson and Michael Almereydas 2000 version, the directors, as well as the actors, have been very creative as far as interpreting the play is concerned. Michael Almereyda’s version is the ‘marriage’ of the past and the contemporary. The question that this version probably raises in the mind of many viewers is whether this ‘marriage’ was worth it after all. whether this union has yielded any positive fruit. Like Shakespeare does in most of his plays, Michael Almereyda makes an attempt to make use of, not only a story that viewers are familiar, but he adopts a setting – in terms of place and time – that they are familiar with. He makes use of the present day New York. Unlike what obtains in Shakespeare’s Hamlet, Michael Almereyda prefers to make

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