Discuss the finish education system.

Write a 6 pages paper on the finish education system. The Finish education system’s success over the years is based on the fact that they treat teaching as a human aspect and not only as a measure of statistics, which is what the American education system is all about.

Compared to those in the United States, teachers in Finland are taken from the best-performing graduates and taken in the educational field. All teachers hired in Finland have completed a Master’s degree instead of those in the US whose highest level of qualification is a Bachelor’s degree. Teachers in Finland are hired as highly recognized and qualified professionals such as doctors or lawyers. At the same time, those in the US are just taken as middle-level professionals, reflecting on the teaching outcomes.

In Finland, the teaching profession is not for educational losers but rather for the university’s top academic crème de la crème. There is no undergraduate teaching program that is present in the US. Teachers, even of primary education, are chosen from the top 10 percent of all graduates and taken to complete a Master’s degree in education before they can be hired as teachers (Hancock 2011). This has ensured that the teachers being hired are overly qualified to handle the students’ educational needs. This can, however, not be said to be the case for teachers in the US.

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When teachers are hired in Finland, the government entails trust in them to carry out their work with little or no supervision. They are trusted that their treatment of each student as special will enable transform their lives for the better, even if it means taking them under their wing and offering them royal tutoring. This is not something teachers in the US do and hence the differing results.

The hiring of high-level teachers has been taken to&nbsp.even the officials of the education boards and departments. These are the people who make educational policies that have continued to transform the educational field positively.

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