Discuss the differences between morals and ethics.

Write a 6 pages paper on the differences between morals and ethics. In exploring the distinctions between morals and ethics, the case of a criminal defense attorney can evidence the differences. Notably, even though the attorney’s personal morals may point out that murder is a reprehensible and immoral act, the ethics of their practice will require him/ her to defend an accused client in the best way they can. That will remain the case, irrespective of the fact that a lawyer may know perfectly that the client is guilty of the murder charges and that defending them, successfully, may give them another opportunity to commit a similar crime in the future. In the case of the attorney discussed through the example, their legal ethics must overrule their morals, so that they can play the role they are supposed to play. The role of a lawyer is to defend a client successfully, both for the good of the client, as well as for the good of the justice system, which offers an accused person the chance to go through a fair trial. the prosecution is supposed to prove that the accused person is guilty, beyond all reasonable doubt.

Confucian thought maintains that social harmony arises from all people knowing their place within the natural order, and playing the role for that part as required. The duties of various people (at the different social positions they occupy) emanate from a person’s position, concerning others. For example, the roles of a teacher at school are totally&nbsp.different from those that he is supposed to take at home when interacting with his wife and children. Still, the duties of the particular teacher to their parents will be different from those that they should play at the two other centers. in relating with members of the community, the roles will still need to take a different nature and form. The relational position of people implies that a person will occupy different places, which calls for different actions, at the same time. The elders in society are supposed to show the young the virtues of concern and benevolence. in repaying the respect they are accorded.

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