Discuss Star Trek and the Death of God.

Provide a 5 pages analysis while answering the following question: Star Trek and the Death of God. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. In the 19th century, many scholars predicted the collapse of religion in society. New practices of religion came up, the majority of which expressed beliefs in the potential of humanity and their knowledge of the environment either through mystical philosophies or science (Jindra 32). Several cultures today articulate religion in diverse ways with the inclusion of God’s non-existence in most movies. The essay illustrates how Star Trek is vital for the manifestation of contemporary religious practices and depicts God as a being whose power diminishes in the civilized modern society.

Star Trek is among the most notable movies that depict aspects of religion in popular culture. In addition to the identifiable system of belief and vision of the future that is present in star trek, the activities of its enthusiasts are equally directed towards participation in the vision and its realization. Star Trek is a subsection of the bigger category of science fiction which in itself referred to as being a religion with the myth of progress that can help people live in the future. Science and technology are the avenues through which the future will come into existence. Therefore, there is a need to understand it in terms of religion as the vehicle that brings new life to humanity.

Religion exists in Star Trek as revealed in the 1984 argument of Gerrold, an asserted fan of star trek who claims that star trek entails challenging oneself. He further claims that star trek encompasses finding one’s limits by having the will to go past them and that it is also about the eventual nobility of the spirit of humans. Gerrold continues by claiming that star trek leads persons to seek bigger goals and realize possibilities within them that they would not have realized (Porter and McLaren 13). Gerrold’s sentiments describe critical spiritual&nbsp.teaching expressed in many religions in the world. The claim results due to a common challenge passed to humanity by the founders of religion for them to realize and create a potential within themselves. Individuals must move past the limits that are created by their personal egos efficiently to express divine attributes such as justice and love.

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