Discuss rome, an ancient city of the new york state.

Write a 7 pages paper on rome, an ancient city of the new york state. The knowledge of the economy has greatly helped the city to effectively utilize its scarce resources that have ensured a correlation with its socio-economic and political development. It has employed the use of professional urban planners who have made it possible for the success of attaining the set objectives. They have been able to evaluate, analyze, form hypotheses, and eventually implement strategies to enhance development thereby increasing the living standards of the city dwellers (Finley, 1985). Social amenities have been established to be able to accommodate every member. this has helped to avoid much pressure on the social amenities and prevented diseases.

Considering the demographics and other factors, urban planners in the City of Rome have been to design and build houses. The city has a variety of good and reasonably priced housing options for both renters and owners. Employees of different sector live close to their working stations, most of them do not need to board vehicles and other means of transport because they cover the walking distance to and from work. Rome is one of the best-ranked cities with the lowest housing rates and reasonable prices. This is through the Department of Housing and Urban Development that has been enforced with the task of ensuring the Fair Housing Act and the other Federal laws that forbid favoritism and coercion are enforced appropriately (Thomas, 2005).

Roads in the city most of which were constructed around 500BC still exist to date. they were used to provide proficient means for overland movements, communication, and trade. The roads were of different types, paths that served the locals, the wide-ranging roads, and the long-distance highways that connected Rome to other cities. The roads were made out of stones and metals with better drainage systems. they were cutting across the mountains or over rivers with ravines on bridgework (Loewenstein, 1973).

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