Discuss review of terrys presentation.

Write 1 page thesis on the topic review of terrys presentation. Terry’s presentation considerably neglected the audience during the preparation process. Experts agree that an audience-appropriate creation is essential in making successful presentations in the workplace (Alley, 2013). Terry’s presentation, however, focused on milestones and dates, ignoring essential engineering details required by the presentation’s audience. Terry’s presentation also lacked clarity. Within the first four slides of the presentation, the engineering department lacked clarity regarding the presentation. Essential in creating a successful business presentation is ensuring the main points are introduced within the first few slides of the presentation.

Terry should have better prepared the presentation by critically considering his audience. In the event that he lacked the technical engineering knowledge on engineering, he should have enlisted help in preparing a highly professional presentation appropriate for his target audience. Terry should have also introduced the main points in the presentation within the first few slides to avoid confusion and questions before the end of the presentation. Gallo acknowledges the role of intelligent responses during a presentation (Gallo, 2009). Terry should have taken a different approach to navigate the audience’s questions. While having answers is essential, a professionally request to get back to the audience following consultation is acceptable in events where the answer is not readily available (Brusino, 2008). Therefore, Terry should have replaced his anger with professional rationalism.

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