Discuss Psychological Concepts of the Fight Club.

Complete 5 pages APA formatted article: Psychological Concepts of the Fight Club. In addition to the analysis of the various psychological concepts and theories in regard to the movie above, the paper also provides an article that gives the hypothesis of the research.

The Fight Club movie has been the big star since a ceremony where people celebrated with a lot of violence and the heroes got drinking licenses and smoking. They could also beat up one another and sometimes they beat up their own members. Such a celebration was called the Death Wish. A character known as Edward Norton has a very depressing life and he comes from the urban. He describes himself as an urban loner. Edward Norton makes up to be the star. He goes gone to give a description of his life as a very complicated world. He does this in a dialogue where he uses a very tone. He says that his job and life are driving him crazy. As a result of releasing his pain, he decides to attend the 12-step meetings where he thought that he could be able to meet people with many problems and thus he could be able to find catharsis of his pain by watching the people who had more problems than he had. It is very ironical that Norton attends the first meeting and finds that it is for post-surgical patients who suffered from testicle cancer (Deacy, 2005).

The movie continues as Norton continues to attend meetings, he noticed a lady known as Marla who was a tourist just as himself and who also likes attending meetings. Although Marla knows that he is a faker, she still wants to believe that everyone has a genuine pain. In the plane, Norton meets Tyler where he finds comfort. He later decides to move to the ground floor and finds a Fight Club where some men meet secretly to find their freedom and to find self-realization through fighting other men. At this point in the movie, the movie starts to be brutal and violent. The people in the Fight Club have very hard fists and one would think that they have fists made out of steel and they would hammer each other without mercy.

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