Discuss police and a depressed person

I need some assistance with these assignment. police and a depressed person Thank you in advance for the help! By doing so, the officer will mitigate the risk that any action might be perceived as more threatening or serious than it might be already. As with all situations, the officer must be mindful of the way in which he/she interacts with the citizen. however, with the depressed person, the risk of self-harm, or harm to others, is greatly increased. As such, seeking to perform this engagement with these thoughts in mind will reduce the incident rate that might otherwise occur.

2- What is the purpose of field notes in Crime Investigation?

Field notes play a vital role with respect to the way in which a criminal investigation takes place. The underlying reason for this is that they provide the officer or officers in question with a reliable and assessment of what thoughts they might have had at the time in which they were actively investigating a particular issue. As such, looking back on these thoughts and considerations can oftentimes allow the officer to draw a level of inference between one seemingly unrelated fact or statement and another. Ultimately, the human mind is fallible and forgetful. Because of this, accurate and up to date field notes are an effective way of ensuring that small pieces of information that might otherwise fall by the wayside are not forgotten. It is without question that many criminal investigations have been able to draw useful levels of inference between pieces of information based solely upon the notes or thoughts that a particular officer might have had during the course of their fieldwork. Even though writing reports at the end of a particular day or at the end of a particular period are effective in helping to summarize findings, the impact of current and up to the minute field notes can have a lasting impact with respect to the overall rate of success that a particular officer might be able to exhibit. Because of this, field notes are still encouraged. even within an age of such advanced technology and such a litany of changes to the realm of criminal justice.

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