Discuss Narrative Text in the Secondary Classroom.

Provide a 5 pages analysis while answering the following question: Narrative Text in the Secondary Classroom. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. In works of fiction, for instance, an individual may generally discover a setting, that has got a beginning, a possible reaction and finally a conclusion (Roe, Stoodt-Hill, &P.C Burns, 2004).In a middle school classroom, narrative literature at times can, and actually does exist on its own and is mostly studied for its distinct literary devices and the response of the author. Narrative literature mostly can also be utilized as a supplement just prior to, through, or after the instruction that is content-based so as to reinforce proper comprehension of the material.

As noted above, a text of narrative nature may either be non-fictional or fictional. There are several illustrations of fiction which include. science fiction, realistic fiction, folk tales, mysteries, myths and fairy tales. On the other hand, non-fiction is texts that are based on facts such as factual stories, biographies (Jim Burke) reports and so on and so forth. Narrative texts most of the time may have various purposes such as first and foremost, informing the reader, secondly entertaining the reader and thirdly persuading the reader. A narrative or rather a story is a very powerful and effective learning tool due to its unique ability to hooking audiences, the principle pleasure, and facilitating retention (Nathanson,2006).In this particular way, stories serve to make facts to be organized so as to make them more meaningful and applicable to the audience or reader.

Human beings discovered this idea and have been utilizing it for centuries, making use of oral storytelling to pass on moral lessons and cultural knowledge to future generations. Thus these stories not only were they remembered easily by the one telling them, but they also captivated the audience and therefore had to be narrated. Egan (1992) believes that educators should make application of this same kind of thinking inside the classroom.

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