Discuss Multinational Companys and Marketing.

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Multinational Companys and Marketing. It needs to be at least 1750 words. In the rapidly changing environment of globalization, the dynamics of the business across the globe is undergoing a tremendous transformation. The organizations need to implement necessary changes to not only survive but compete with their rivals with confidence and effectively meet the challenges of the constantly evolving business environment. The highly competitive nature of emerging new models of global business has increased the risks and responsibilities of the organizations. The role of marketing strategy, therefore, becomes increasingly vital to the strategic management of the organization and projection of its aims and objectives in the eyes of the public and stakeholders, especially in different economies.

The compulsions of the present times require versatility in the work ideology and functioning, thus making it imperative that new skills and strategies are evolved to meet the emerging challenges with efficiency and unmatched proficiency. ‘Countries have different political, economic, and legal systems… All these differences can and do have major implications for the practice of international business’ (Hill, 2004). The wider perspectives of the changing paradigms of the business environment have become important ingredients of business to understand and address the emerging challenges in the dynamics of new business equations.

The emerging new economies of the developing world have made the global market more competitive, challenging and interesting. It is for these reasons that the business houses need to become less rigid and change their business and market strategy as per the socio-economic compulsions of the host countries.&nbsp.

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The rapid globalization has created a pluralistic society which has diverse needs and requirement. Understanding of socio-psychological needs and requirements of the host countries has become imperative for MNCs that are operating in different countries.

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