Discuss massively multiplayer online role playing games

I need some assistance with these assignment. massively multiplayer online role playing games Thank you in advance for the help! These relationships have a huge negative impact on real-life human interactions and relationships (Green, & Bavelier, 2004).

Examples of cognitive social phenomena that are present in the MMORPG environment and not in the face to face chess game include collective intelligence. This is achieved through online forums where players get to exchange ideas and tactics analyze various chess moves and come up with new moves for the game.in addition the existence of online manuals that provide a “how-to” function act as a collective intelligence tool. The online version of the game also includes fan-based relationships such as apprenticeship where experienced gamers take on other less experienced chess players as apprentices and teach them various tactics even though they are total strangers in real life (Barton, 2007). Players also get to create their characters in any way they want giving them a virtual life form that may be different from their real-life form in behavior and in the description. Players can also create many characters in one game forum giving them the choice to play as one person or another. Collaborative play is also a common feature of MMORPG, this is where players collaborate in one gameplay to beat other parties or players thereby working together to show or break dominance (Green, & Bavelier, 2004).

The MMORPG environment differs from the face to face game environment in several ways. Firstly the MMORPG environment is online and that means it is virtual. A player can only take part in the game by logging into his account and can therefore not do so without the internet (Green, & Bavelier, 2004). The gameplay however continues even when the gamer has not logged in because there are literally thousands of gamers who are always online. Face-to-face chess games are primarily offline games where the players know each other and of course in a chessboard once one player retires play cannot continue. Another difference is in the character of the gamers.

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