Discuss islamic religion and culture

I need some assistance with these assignment. islamic religion and culture Thank you in advance for the help! Before going into the issue of determining the challenges which are faced by the Islamic world these days and then finding out those factors which are to be explored by the Islamic countries to sort out those challenges and problems, let’s first describe the religion ‘Islam’.

Islam is a sacred religion followed by its adherents or believers and is regulated by a sacred holy book ‘Quran’. “Islam is the worship of Allah alone and the avoidance of worship directed to any person, place or thing other than Allah” (Philips, 2008). The people who follow this religion are known as ‘Muslims’ which means those persons who have a perfect belief in Allah and His prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H). Muslims believe that Islam is the perfect religion to be followed and we should all submit our wills to Allah. The religion Islam is comprised of various rules and regulations which act as a law for its believers and followers. Those persons who have a proper faith in the guidance set by the holy book Quran are said to be as followers of Islam. Islam educates its followers to live their lives according to the set of rules given in the holy book.

The Islamic world, also known as Muslim world or Muslim community, comprises of sixty-three countries in which the religion of Islam is followed as the main religion and where all the rules and regulations are set according to the teachings of Islam. The total community of the Islamic world falls somewhere between fourteen to fifteen billion people that may be called one-fifth of the total population of the world. This huge number of Muslim community is spread in all parts and all continents of the world and the major and religious association between them is Islam. Islam is that source of binding which keeps all the Muslims from all over the world together.

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When we are talking about the Muslim world spread around different parts of the world, we must say that there is a difference between the culture, ethnicity and civilization of all&nbsp.Muslim countries of the world. But despite of the fact that there is a difference, it should be noted that that difference doesn’t involve the religious factor. Religious activities and rules are same all over the world.&nbsp.

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