Discuss health and safety issues in hofmann and wintech engineering

I need some assistance with these assignment. health and safety issues in hofmann and wintech engineering Thank you in advance for the help! This report covers not only the negative health and safety consequences of fire and noise pollution to employees. In line with this, environmental safety practices such as the provision of training on hazard prevention and safe operating procedures particularly on fire prevention and management procedures and occupational noise prevention and reduction program were tackled in detail. The reason behind the need to strengthen the performance of its workplace inspection team was also covered in this report.

To ensure that each employee does not suffer from a permanent hearing loss, HR managers of engineering companies should strictly implement the use of hearing protectors and limit employees’ work to 8 hours per day. Measuring and recording noise level pollution should also be conducted on a regular basis.

With the purpose of gathering useful information on how an engineering company can effectively implement and practice work environment safety, the target audiences for this study include the engineering students and workers who are currently employed in an engineering company. Since a portion of the engineering students may consider working for engineering companies like Hofmann and Wintech, this report will be useful in terms of increasing the students’ and workers’ knowledge of how they can protect themselves from work-related injuries and accidents.

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Established back in 1955 by Gordon Hofmann, Hofmann Engineering grew as one of the largest U.S.-based companies that specialize in the manufacturing of night vision support gadgets, aircraft lighting, and photonic test equipment (Hofmann Engineering 2010a). The company expanded its business not only within the aerospace industry but also&nbsp.gearing, mining equipment, mills and kilns, wind turbine, high tension fasteners, slew bearings, oil/gas valves, and pumps, and portable machine tools (Hofmann Engineering 2010c).

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