Discuss genetically modified foods in america.

Write a 5 pages paper on genetically modified foods in america. In the research conducted by Nottingham, genetically modified foods have taken over in the sector of food production (186). These forms of modifications have been introduced in the crop genes, dairy foodstuffs and animals. This can be established from the nature of food fed to animals. In the long run, human beings end up consuming foods in an indirect manner. It is this verity that led to the topic is a contentious one in the United States as some analysts argue that the foods are beneficial while others clearly outline the negatives of the foods (Ackerman 1)

The government, on the other hand, has focused on the regulation of these crops. As seen in the work of Ackerman, the government controls these crops through the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that controls the bio-pesticides so as to ensure that the toxins applied in the crops are harmless to the environment (1). The agency also conducts food safety to ensure that the foreign proteins are not allergenic to the human body (Ackerman 1). The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) legalizes the safety of the crops consumed by humans. The agency also approves the additives on foods and their safety on the human body (Ackerman 1). U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) authenticates the genetically modified plants (Nottingham 123). The Department aims at reducing the impacts of the crops on the human body through scrutiny on a higher level (Nottingham123).

In the USA, the GMO crops range from corn, soya beans, wheat to rice. Such crops as seen in the argument of Nottingham have been said to contain vitamins that aid in the fight against heart infections and prevent the common nutritional dearths (27). Moreover, the GMO foods have also been used in foods such as corn syrups. sugar beets, baked foods and cornmeal (Nottingham27).

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