Discuss gender differences in advertising media. It is important to note that commercials are the means through which, most if not all forms of media acquire money.

I need some assistance with these assignment. gender differences in advertising media Thank you in advance for the help! It is important to note that commercials are the means through which, most if not all forms of media acquire money. Advertising is done on programs, films, jobs, products, services and so on. The more the commercials, the better any social media service gets. It is also evident that the growing boys and girls today cannot avoid media because it is a technology village that provides so much through media (Dines 2011). However, the increasing gender-biased differences reflected in advertising is alarming.

First, more advertisements are sexist. They portray the girls to be more of victims and tools than they actually are. In most film advertisements, the thrill of murder, assault, harassment and sex is portrayed through women (Armstrong 2013). Girls are the ones who are victims mostly. They are also used to show sexual harassment and rape. It is a common way that involves the use of girls in the wrong way in advertising. It stems down even more in the films. However, these commercials are gender-biased because viewers more so get an image that is wrongly portrayed not only for girls but for women.

Secondly, the images portrayed display great use of generalization and stereotyping (Hetsroni 2012). This is more so true for boys. The men portrayed in advertisements have power, money, and independence. They are mostly in most cases portrayed to have a perfect lifestyle. This is a stereotype that places so much pressure on boys that they desire that only in life because that is what seems acceptable in society. Also, commercials in films portray boys to be more aggressive and violent than girls. This is also a stereotype that rubs off on the students today. The more they watch television, the more their ideas are directed toward one focus.

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Third, there is a great use of perfection for women. The appearance of girls who are in commercials seems to be that of slim models who have perfect language and a great desire for fancy clothing and&nbsp.they seem well able. These commercials however are gender-biased because they reflect women as dolls who love gadgets and the image of beauty is tarnished. The girls have big hips, small waists, and flat tummies and so on. They also portray a certain view of beautiful women that rubs off well in boys.

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