Discuss Gender bias in mathematic achievement.

I need help creating a thesis and an outline on Gender bias in mathematic achievement. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. In a study conducted by Arnot (134), it is difficult to separate the adoption of these attitudes from the powerful and diverse forces, which dictate the expectations of students. The third theme is drawn from a recent research study conducted by Bevan (4), which established that gender differences in Mathematics achievement essentially arise through variations in learning styles, organization of learning, and teaching styles. Based on such underpinning tenets, it is necessary to examine and account for causes of gender bias in Mathematics achievement.In his study, Becker (221) identifies that boys are best, relative to girls, in both practical and applied areas while girls do best relative to boys in computation involving decimals, whole numbers, and some algebra related aspects. Attitude towards Mathematics also played a significant role in creating the existing gender bias in Mathematics. Boys have a significantly greater tendency towards judging topics in Mathematics as easy and significantly, more girls than boys believed that they had difficulties in remembering formulae, understanding Mathematics concepts, and in applying the work that had studied in class (Bevan 4). The perception of learners about Mathematics has a greater contribution towards gender bias. Three factors constitute learner perception towards Mathematics: learner expectations of Mathematics, types of activity that entail their Mathematics education, and prevailing stereotypes about Mathematics. As affirmed by Becker (223), the greater the agreement exists in these strands, the less the digression between Mathematics achievement and gender. Even though the variations in attainment are considered relatively insignificant, variations in the attitudes of both girls, and boys towards Mathematics is striking.

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