Discuss frankenstein by james whale and freud

Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on frankenstein by james whale and freud Paper must be at least 1250 words. Please, no plagiarized work! Freud sees the ego as the part of the psyche that tries to control id-driven impulses including self-indulgent laziness and self-pleasing behaviors. It is like your parents, school, and the rest of official society telling you that you have to work hard to succeed and that being lazy is bad (Freud).

For this reason, humans crave for sex in society at all cost. This leads to theft, killing, rape, and drugs and substance abuse in society. The desire to satisfy one’s own wishes makes life hard and disappointing. For this reason, most people resort to ways, which are harmful both individually, and to the whole society. We can compare this to the tragic happening in the film Frankenstein by James Whale. The rules set by the society have severe punishment if broken hence human beings become discontented by the simple act of civilization.

In Whale’s Frankenstein, it is clear that the love desire and egocentric motives on the part of Henry Frankenstein eventually lead to murder and humiliation. The painful and mortal part of human beings expresses itself in the film by the behavior of Frankenstein. Through the deaths of Fritz and Dr. Waldman who are key actors in the film, the cruel nature of the natural world reveals itself. This can be interpreted in light of Freud’s psychoanalytic theory. The third section of Sigmund’s book addresses the aspect of civilization that has been both advantageous and disadvantageous for humankind. The rapid advancement in science and technology leads to death of scientists Fritz and Dr. Waldman. Despite the fact that the development of science intends to protect us through civilization, it has only led to destruction and limited the relationship of human beings in society (Viera). According to Freud, we are born with the id. The id does not care about anything else but only cares about satisfying its own will. In relation to Frankenstein, this is a practical truth.

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