Discuss everyone has a culture.

Write a 1 page paper on everyone has a culture. Everyone has a Culture of the English of the Concerned July 5, Everyone has a Culture Though earlier I felt that being an American, I lacked a culture, on a closer examination I realized that my culture impacted almost all the aspects of my life.

For instance, being an American I cherish varied American values like democracy and freedom. I do believe that freedom and democracy make the society richer and stronger.

When it comes to values, I have realized that my culture has certainly influenced my choice of religion. It is also owing to my cultural affiliations that I believe in being a law abiding citizen and hold that nobody is above law.

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It is my culture that to a great extent determines the way I dress up, preferring blue jeans and tops on informal occasions and choosing to dress down on formal occasions.

My dietary preferences are again to a great extent determined by my culture. Though I like eating exotic foods occasionally, still my basic and non-vegetarian dietary choices are something that I imbibed from my culture.

My views pertaining to the institution of family are again to a great extent have been determined by my culture. In fact, the way I am raising my children to be confident and independent individuals, also owes a lot to what I learned from my culture.

What is more, the way I communicate with others has also been decided by my culture. My use of American Standard English, with the accompanying restraint and poise, and the confidence and scarce physical gesticulations is something that I learnt from my culture.

Moreover, being a woman, I have always been susceptible to the standards of female beauty that go with my culture.

Indeed, almost every aspect of my life owes a lot to the culture in which I was born.

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