Discuss Employees as a Labor Expense.

Need help with my writing homework on Employees as a Labor Expense. Write a 1750 word paper answering; It takes staff skills to prevent conflicts with customers, a staff skilled enough for recovery from complaints, a staff that value time as not to be engaged in squabbling and conflict with coworkers, and a staff that gives utmost importance for teamwork (Resources to Prevent and Deal with Workplace Conflict for Service and Hospitality Staff. Retrieved: April 26, 2008). Conflict prevention is one aspect that the management team should focus on since it saves time, stress, and keeps things in control. A good hospitality and service management scheme will lead to having everybody as the winner ( Georgiades and Macdonell 1998). Customers feel that they are treated well and received good treatment, employees feel that they are treated well by the management and experience a strong liking for their job, and the management feels happy that it meets its objectives by employees working together and customers who keep coming for service satisfaction.


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