Discuss effectiveness of education

I need some assistance with these assignment. effectiveness of education Thank you in advance for the help! The ability of teachers to control students in a classroom, minimizing the distraction factors of students, handling discipline problems maintaining order in classrooms are major factors. The principal is the one who has to provide a vision for the entire process. Instead of being involved only in the management of school affairs, he also has to gain the confidence of all the teachers and guide them throughout the process. Effective schools treat parents as part of the educational process. Parents can cultivate a love of education in their children. They can give valuable suggestions to the school authorities regarding their child’s education. Even parents who do not have a high degree of education must be given a clear idea about their child’s progress or difficulties he or she might be facing. Effective schools recognize the fact that every student comes from a different socio-cultural background, and they might have different needs. They respect the difference. treat it like a challenge they have to overcome instead of making the child feel out of place. Learning programs must be made with these diversities in mind. An effective school will have a balanced curriculum. There will always be a high expectation for every student and focused leadership. Teachers trained in the skills of positive teaching can be found in successful schools. These staff members have a special rapport with their students. In less successful schools, education is seen as a chore and not as a process that has to be experienced.

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