Discuss Comparison of Brazil and Mexico.

Provide a 5 pages analysis while answering the following question: Comparison of Brazil and Mexico. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. Brazil occupies half of the Latin American land and one-third of the Latin population. Brazil is divided into two parts which include the advanced and well-established industrial side and the other side is the poor underdeveloped part which is classified in the category of a third world nation. Brazil is the fifth-largest nation in the world and is the largest catholic nation around the globe. It is also the fifth leading country when talking about the population (Eakin,1). Brazil over the years has had a merge of a variety of ethnicities and it has been hard in Brazilian history to forge all the identities into a single nation and call it Brazil. It has been under colonial rule for years which has deeply plagued its economic progress and as of today the Southern part of the country is more European in its ethnicity (Eakin,2). Brazil is on the road of progress but recent news reveals that the country is going through scandals of tax agencies and political turmoil. Brazil Workers Party (PT) that has been in rule for almost two years seems to be losing its voters and statistics have pointed out that 74% of the Brazilians do not trust the party anymore or the president Dilma Rousseff (Kenneth,1).

There has been large-scale tax corruption in the country and the people who pay taxes that make 36% of the GDP are cheated of $1.8 billion. It means that the football-loving and Olympic oriented country of the world can pay three-quarters of the bill for the last football world cup is held. The economic disparity is high and it seems that the political leaders are not involved but rather the big firms and the administration council of the fiscal resources are playing their roles (The Economist). This means that a country that is emerging as a competition to all the other third world countries is fighting a political turmoil and economic crisis which has slowed down its growth. The rich and poor of the country face a lot of gaps. It is seen that 30 percent of the country makes less than 300$ a month and has quite the largest difference when it comes to the division of payment.

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