Discuss Coca-Cola environmentall business sustainability.

You will prepare and submit a term paper on Coca-Cola environmentall business sustainability. Your paper should be a minimum of 2000 words in length. The research also gets to find out what coca cola engineers use, why and the ways of improving it considering the fact that since 2004, new equipment and even construction materials have been invented and so the ratings set by these sustainability indices might be inappropriate for the current generation (Adams G. H., 2005).

The paper’s interest is development and from the history of the sustainability indices in Coca Cola Countries and as much as we consider BASIX as the best ongoing sustainability index in Coca Cola Countries, we should be aiming at improving it to the extent that it is at par with the problems arising or, form a better improved assessment tool. This can only happen when science intellectuals get deeper into the operating systems of BASIX and modify them or even come up with new devices which are better off. For it to happen, a thorough and critical research has to be conducted on that field to identify the problem, which in turn requires interaction with the experts of the different fields concerned for some time and come up with a helpful finding (Devitt, 2010).

BASIX may have good objectives but the questions we should ask ourselves is, are those the only environmental problems facing the citizens of Coca Cola Countries as far as production and constructions is concerned?, is it only environmental problems that affect residents in Coca Cola Countries? These are the pending questions that this research is based upon. We as the users of BASIX have to help modify it for better results, and maybe we can continue to boast about the quality of our buildings again.

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