Discuss business information technology.

Create a 5 pages page paper that discusses business information technology. Azure SQL Database is a Microsoft Windows application that provides business with data needs solutions using access. According to Teorey (2011), he asserts that an application in the context of business makes use of the Microsoft SQL Server and other tools to easily access the distribution data center and to ensure that there are easy deployment and provision of multiple databases. This application is designed such that there is no need to set up, install or management of any software (CustomGuide Inc 2005). Microsoft as a service embedded in the application takes care of the running of the application.

The application is further designed such that it has in-built higher fault tolerance and there is no need for the physical administration (Krishnaswamy 2010). The users notably the customers can be able to use this application based on the relational data model and T-SQL knowledge for symmetry in the context of the existing business databases (Roman 2002). With the use of access, customers can further enhance productivity using SQL Azure with the help of management tools and easy access to the business database services. Users can use the Azure SQL Database application to make various relational queries on the stored data comprising unstructured, semi-structured and structured documents (CustomGuide Inc 2005). Businesses use this application in target market strategies in comparing prices, billing and time management (Teorey 2011). The access facilitates business operations as it provides the relevant templates required. Additionally, the application is designed to provide templates to manage inventory, client targeting and turning quotes into invoices.

Azure SQL Database application has the following core components which facilitate access and functionality of the application in the context of business. These components are essential in querying data, search, data analysis and synchronization (Stephens 2010). This database application has its components making use of access to embrace data diversity and scale in the business world. It provides an easy way for discovery as well as enrichment of third party information services (Jennings 2010).

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