Write 1 page with APA style on Athletics and Endorsments. Athletics and Endorsements Elite athletes are often used as celebrity endorsers in commercials and print ads. What messages are sent to s about body image, beauty, and health and fitness as a result?

Corporations believe that elite athletes have specific influence on the purchasing behavior of customers due to popular appeal, and name and face recognition, a substantial reason why they continue to employ cream of the crop sportspersons in endorsements (Delaney and Madigan 223). For instance, popular appeal makes it to a point that integrity through body image enhances person’s appearance to the public. A superb tennis player like Roger Federer is not unusual among avid tennis aficionados, but he is known for them to play the said game with high level of precision. That is why Federer endorses Rolex, which helps enhances the identity of the said product based on how he usually plays in the court. In fact, people remarkably observe Federer to play with precision. This is a remarkable product of body image. In the same way of arguing things, Michael Phelps, an ordinary swimmer athlete before but was able to work his way to fame is now receiving many product endorsements and other relevant projects. Diet brands and other products are all parts of his reaching the ladder of fame. One specific brand he has right now is Omega. it is another trademark of timepiece which tries to associate his image to be always on time, exact and accurate, in the same way as how he performs in the actual game. Clearly, with this marketing practice customers receive the message of associating brand names with renowned elite athletes. Furthermore, athlete’s credentials in line with body image, beauty and health and fitness could speak for the actual product as a modern marketing technique.


Delaney, Tim, and Tim Madigan. The Sociology of Sports: An Introduction. Jefferson, NC: McFarland, 2009. Print.

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