Discuss albert einstein as one of the most celebrated brains of our time

Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on albert einstein as one of the most celebrated brains of our time Paper must be at least 1500 words. Please, no plagiarized work! It seems Albert Einstein never found what he was really looking for or the comfortable environment looking at how he keeps changing his citizenship from time to time. He lived in several countries at his youthful age and he could have actually learned a lot due to different experiences in different countries. He later became a United States citizen where he was a professor of theoretical physics at Princeton and retired from the same post in 1945. Einstein’s main aim was to simplify and unify the laws of physics by generalizing the theory of gravitation.

His first encounter with science was at age of four. His father showed him a pocket compass and he was cautious and astonished by the fact that whichever direction you hold it the arrow always pointed north. This was the beginning of his interest in science and problem solving. His parents valued education more than religion because of the fact that they challenged the Jews’ religion and took the child to a catholic school due to the standard of the school. His parents were not practicing Jews. His interest in science was huge and that saw him ditching school at the age of 10 that emphasized Greek and Latin over mathematics and science. His relative helped him with a book in science and his uncle too assisted him with an algebra book and a math puzzle to solve after he had opted for personal study outside the school because his school couldn’t offer what he wanted.

Accordingly, Einstein also made a huge contribution to mathematics and he was introduced to it at a very young age. It is in his childhood that he first heard about mathematics. He was ushered into the world of mathematics at age of 10. It is maxed Talmud a family friend that introduced him to philosophy texts. He began to understand deductive reasoning at that tender age mainly through Euclid. He, later on, start investigating calculus.

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Einstein contributed to mathematics in a rather different way. In his first theory of relativity, there was nothing much distinct from mathematics. It could be seen as a very good standard of mathematics because he starts his derivatives with postulates.&nbsp.

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